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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lauderdale tower cam on this thursday morning. tgit to you. a lot of excitement overnight about that giant power ball prize. hey there, i'm jaceybirch. i can't believe i said million instead of billion. >> at least three people waking up really rich. i'm eric yutzy. how are you? weather authority meteorologist julie durda here with a look at the forecast here. hi, julie. hey, good morning, south florida. good mornini, eric, jacey. one thing you'll notice is you probably didn't win the power ball because you're watching us this morning. two warmer weather conditions are going to occur. rainfall since about 11:00 last night. showers and storms will continue to filter slowly into miami-dade and broward but that won't happen until later today. the one thing you're going to need is basically that even though we have temperatures much warmer than what we saw yesterery, we're going to keep that blanket of cloud cover in placend it's not going to start raining miami-dade and broward until this afternoon.
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the low 60s. it's warmer. it will definitely be wetter by this afternoon. i don't want you to think because i'm increasing the chance of showers in our forecast today, it's going to rain in miami-dade and broward all day long. eventually it will get here. i'll have more coming up. accident-free in both counties. i love saying that early in the morning. that means you can sleep in just a little bit if you want to. i'm giving you permission to do so. a live look off of i-95 and northwest 75th street. r northbound lanes a a here not distance. really not much to report this morning. broward county we have a little bit of a slowdown reported right off of u.s.-1. let's take a look right here in ft. lauderdale. you see exactly what it looks like from our traffic maps. this is the location of u.s.-1 where we're seeing a little bit of a slowdown. let' take a look and see what it looks like off of davie boulevard near downtown. three miles per hour.
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not a lot to worry about at all because we're accident-free. if you're traveling southbound starting at hollywood boulevard cruising on down to the glgdes, only going to take you six minutes. this is in the gen. that means things are good, it's in the go. only eight minutes total drive time. breaking news this morning, that record power ball drawing turning a few floridians into millionaires. we know a ticket here in our statete did match all of those numbers you're seeing on your screen so they will split the $1.5 billion prize. the jackpot will be divvied up. >> no, the florida ticket was not the only one that matched those odds of 292.2 million. erica rakow, our lotto reporter, she hasp the very latest. we're still waiting to see where that ticket was purchased in florida. right? >> not a word. we are sitting on the edge of our seats with all of you. could it be someone in south florida?
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with us, check your tickets, everybody. the florida lottery tweeted out this saying quote world record 1.5 billion draw produced a florida jackpot winner plus we had 11 $1 winners and a $2 million too. they say they will be sharing the prize with the winners in california and tennessee. shortly after the drawing the california lottery tweeted out that the winning ticket was sold in chino hills. itit a suburb of los angeles. they also said 12 other tickets matched five out of the six numbers. the party is going. this is where the ticket was sold. you can see crowds of people just celebrating all around it after the word got out. we still don't know who bought the winning ticket and if it's more than one person or not. one thing is for sure, they get a $1 billion bonus for selling the winning ticket.
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and i'm so thankful to my chino hills people that support me all year long. >>reporter: take one more look at the winning numbers. they are 4 4-8-19-27-34 and lucky power ball 10. you saw it right here on local 10 news at 11:00 last night. you can see them on someone in florida is wawang up a jackpot winner. where in florida is that billion dollar question? we are still working to confirm. >> we'll stay on top of it because we want to know and you can cannot remain anonymous here. >> all right. eric is on top of our breaking news. deadly explosions in indonesia. officials do believe the three blasts were part of a coordinated terror attack targeting
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witnesses say one of those explosions happening at starbucks. one customer was injured and was treated at that scene. all of the stores will remain closed out of precautions. you can see that plume of white smoke leaving the building. it's not clear what set off these explosions. right now no terror group has taken responsibility for this. police say they recovered the bodies of the attackers. it's not clear if any other attackers remain on the run this morning. a dutchman has been seriously wounded in the attack and is having surgery this morning. we'll bring you the latest as soon as it comes into the news room. an arrest made in a deadly d.u.i. crash that killed an uber passenger and sent others to the hospital. we told you about the crash yesterday after the family of the v vtim filed a lawsuit against the ride-share service. sanela sabovic is live outconsider the jail
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>>reporter: good morning, jacey. police arresting alexander chico. he sits locked up in a jail cell behind me. investigators say he was drunk when he slammed into a car being driven by an uber driving killing a 20-year-old passenger in the process. now chica you see there, police say was driving at a high rate of speed before he slammed into a gmc yukon. he's being charged with driving under the influence and manslaughter. that fate you'll crash happened two days after christmas at 157th avenue. adam was driving sanchez along with three of his friends home after a night out. his gmc uke -- yukon was making a right turn.
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sanchez died on the scene while his three friends were taken to kendall regional trauma center. the sanchez family has filed a lawsuit against uber and the uber driver. now the family's attorney still has yet to respond to this latest which i kow of events. it's a developing story. we'll get any details to you whether we get them during this news cast. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. this happened on northeast 13th street and 7th avenue last night. a witness telling us a driver confused his gas. his break went right through th store. he said he even tried to reverse but it didn't work. no one was injured and it isn't clear if the driver was ticketed. two students are waiting to learn their fate this morning after allegedly bringing a loaded gun on to campus. the incident happening tuesday at apollo middle school in hollywood. one student showed
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gun and police say one other student spotted it. the two@boys panicked and tried to hide it. the school was placed on lockdown. back street boy behind bars. nick carter taken into custody in key west overnight but what did he do? we'll fill you in. dangerous demands from robbers in dny's. warmer weather pattern what we're expecting today and tomorrow. don't leave home without the umbrellas because all of the rain is concentrated down by the keys. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. we continue to follow our big breaking news of the morning.. a big grand prize winner of that power ball prize here in south florida. we're working to find out wre that ticket was bought.
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it could be you. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. the ongoing slump for stocks. >> the dow starts its trading day down. >> since the start of the year the average 401(k) plan has lost nearly $7,000. >> u.s. airlines are soring though. the carriers had nearly $18 billion in profits. >> nose diving fuel prices are a major reason but so are those extra fees and it's unlikely we're going to get a break on those any time soon. the 15 and 1 burger is a load.
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smothered in pulled pork and fried onions. >> the price $10.01. get it. because the team is 15 and one. >> you're a smart one. >> some days. >> that's america's money. >>ave a great day. >> i wonder what the heartburn medicine is going to cost you after you wolf that thing down. >> don't eat that at the game. you'll throw up. let's talk about something better because while you're eating breakfast and trying to decide what to wear, it's another cool day again. >> 60s on the horiz. weather authority meteorologist julie durda is here. good and bad news come with the 60s. it means rain and showers and storms. temperatures are above average and six degrees warmer than yesterday. 60s in miami, ft. lauderdale. currently we're dry in miami and ft. lauderle but the rain has been soaking parts of the keys all morning long. currently weave a temperature of 62 in pembroke pines. our coolest spot is
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from the northwest this morning. that has kept the showers and storms concentrated over the keys but all of that will change over the next e eht hours. blanket of cloud cover continuing to lock us under overcast conditions in miami-dade and broward but the cloud cover is producing wide-spread precipitation as y you heard me mention from the upper, middle and lower keys and this has been going on for a few hours now. wouldn't be surprised if we're going to see the concern for flooding over portions of the keys as this heavy rain will continue to lift over the northeast. this will be pushing north enough over miami-dade and broward. cream we're not expecting those showers to move in for the next few hours. with that said everything will move from west to east. you'll see showers first and then they will head towards the coast. we're talking about showers and storms steady throughout the later half of the day. then they will push into mainly parts of south florida, miami-dade and broward and the keys
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our area by tomorrow morning all because of this area of low pressure in the gulf of mexico. it doesn't look impressive right now but all of this will lift towards the east northeast. here's the setup. we're not expecting wide-sead showers and storms in miami-dade and broward until later today. the conntrated showers and storms will stay by the keys throughout the morning. that heavy rain will stick around tonight into tomorrow morning. some of you may not be sleeping tonight due to the rumbles of thunder. then we will see a cold front associated with this low. it will take the moisture with it. we'll dry out. perfect timing for the first half of the weekend but then rain returns by sunday. we have to talk about our first tropical storm of the season. it will head towards the azores. could possibly strengthen into a categoryryne hurricane. the last tropical storm we saw was back in 1978. the last category one hurricane we saw was back in 1938 as the
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strengthen to a category one later today. grab the rain gear. you don't need it currently but you'll need it today. we'll see drier conditions saturday. another front moves in saturday increasing ourrain chances but then cooling us off. you want toes 50s, they will be back in the forecast. >> looks beautiful out there. thank you, julie. good morning, south florida. i-95 looking really good. here's a live look at northeast 17th street. southbound lanes are the headlights. if you continue in this direction you're heading towards the dolphin, we do have a crash there reported in our west-bound lane. so those folks treling, maybe passing the airport. it's off to the shoulder. i don't suspect any delays with this one, 34 miles per hour, 37 miles per hour standard. you know it's that stop and go traffic by the airport that will slow you down. broward county we're accident-free but if you're travelingnto downtown ft. lauderdale, guess what, there are cleaning crews right at that tunnel.
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throughout the morning hours. >> all right, thank you, constance. migrants are on the move. we're talking about thousands of cubans once stranded in costa rica. >> they are making their way through mexico, could soon be in miami. how local leaders are getting prepared for a possible influx. power ball winner here in florida. a ticket matched the grand prize drawing and a few others are waking up millionaires too. we have the latest details as w track down the winner all morning long. our facebook friend of the day. glad you are waking up with us. nice white rose you have in your hand there. >> is she lucky?
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let us know. welcome back. it's 6:19 right now. italian news outlets are reporting an arrest made in the case o of a artist killed. police 15 they were able to identify him from an image captured on surveillce footage. three killed in honduras after their bus crashed. they were on a volunteer mission when their bus crashed. we're told two students and one health care professional were kill. another 14 were injured. no word yet onhat caused that wreck. investigators 15 -- say a school bus crash sent at least two in the hospital. two students win the
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the s.u.v. had to be taken to the hospital. no serio injuries reported here. on the heels of president barack oma state of the union address, secretary of state john kerry has announced the u.s. will increase the number of refugees admitted into the u.s. homeland security has received more than 6,000 applications for minors inentral america. 180 cuban migrants arrived in mexico yesterday, the first of 8,000 set to be released in the c cing weeks. private charter transportation and transit visas had already been arranged to get them by bus from el salvador toexico. tune in today starting at 4:00 as hatzel vela ll be reporting live
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>> many of the migrants and children alreadyasking the federal government to help cover some of the costs. >> the additional costs beyond what the state provides us of educating a recently arrived child to be around $2,720. this should not force a crunch, a financial crunch on our school system. >> more than 15,000 foreign-born children enrolled in miami-dade schools last year and superintendents said the cost added up to $41 million. a rally and tally with some ideas for education they want our lawmakers to hear. >> carlos suarez is waking up this morning on the bus with them. we'll check in with carlos in a few minutes. why he says feeding these animals led to the fight that landed him in jail. and we're waiting on the florida lottery to tell us where is our big
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it's our breaking news this morning. a grand prize winner here in our state. we'll let you know before you head out the
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stick with us. 6:24 the time right now. and a broward man is facing battery charges after fighting with a neighbor after an issue of him feeding a family of ducks. >> this all stems if his arrest in may 2014. a neighbor became angry at put numb for feeding the ducks which many considered a nuisance and a physical altercation began. >> i'm 55 years old, never been in trouble in my life. i wanted to show a little kindness to a family, a mother and her baby ducks. >> putnam insists he was only trying to defend himself.
6:20 am
case wilil be the trial which putnam says cannot come soon enough. we're accident-free. that's commercial boulevard, mostly cloudy we do have one accident we're watching for you there. i'll have details on that on the other side of the break. i mean erica rakow in the news room. a power ball ticket bought right here in florida matching the numbers for the $1.5 billion prize. is that your ticket? we have all the details about the other jackpot winners coming up and why at least 13
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breaking news this morning, a power ball winner here in florida. what we've learned about that jumbo j jkpot and how it's going to be split up. explosions overseas similar to those in parsleyeding to a shoot-out with police. d.u.i. crash arrested, a man booked into jail. thieves threatening to set a restaurant worker on fire. video you need to see. back street boy behind bars. nick carter arrested in key west. what the pop star i i accused of. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch we have a very busy morning as we wait to learn more about the power ball winner. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda has the forecast. hi, julie. good morning you two and south florida. win or se you're all
6:24 am
weather, ft. lauderdale and key west all see is attempt in the low 60s. the change today much warmer and wetter conditions. currently we have showers and storms over portions of the keys. we have been seeing rain for the last few hours and that will continue. miami-dade and broward you're waking down cloudy skies. those clouds are not producing precipitation. i'm not expecting the acal precipitation to fall into our forecast, as you can see, until th afternoon. we're going to see dry conditions for the morning commute but by the afternoon those showers will be moving in from time to time from our west southwest upper level wind flow. let's take a look at the showers and storms currently. miami-dade and broward you're dry forow but that will change by this afternoon and the rain will stick around tonight into tomorrow. let's just talk about in the forecast. i'll have it all coming up. i-95 northbound at commercial boulevard. that's where we have reports of a broken down car. you see those flashing lights there well off to the shoulder. it's not causing any
6:25 am
however, we're hearing there's still some construction crews out by the turnpike on the golden glades. again right at the turnpike heading towards the palmetto expressway we are obviously seeing yellow. that shows us and indicates a little bit of a slowdown. as i talked it went from yellow to orange. just use caution, construction crews out there. this one off the teasm west-bound off it the exit rampt lejeune road. those speeds at 27 miles per hour. back to our breaking news of the morning. a power ball jackpot winner here in florida. >> the drawing for the record power ball raft ght here on local 10 just hours ago. overnight we've learned we do have a few millionaires among us in florida this morning. >> unfortunately not from our local 10 pool. >> erica rakow, she is
6:26 am
she is in the news room with all the details. where is that winner at? >>reporter: that's the billion dollar question. we are still waiting to hear from the florida lottery. they've gone as far as saying one of the jackpot winners is in florida but they stopped short of which city it. we'll learn first what city the winner is in and then what store it was bought at. >> a world record jackpot is coming to you right now. >>reporter: it was the more than billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. >> your winning power ball number. good luck to you. >>repoer: and that moment undoubtedly changing the life of theucky power ball players who bought one of the winning tickets here. at this chino hills, california 7-11. crowds of people showing up last night after it was revealed. >> i'm excited. >> it's almost like we won even though we
6:27 am
community won. >>reporter: caca it a sign of power ball fever sweeping the nation. tickets selling at a frantic pace of $1.3 million a minute during rush hour. >> the winner, the winner. >> this is the winner. >>reporter: drawing long lines, inspiring people to cross state borders from power ball free nevada into california. >> we're all going to buy round trip tickets to the moon. >>reporter: crossing national borders in the case of canadians like this. >> we've got the fever. >>reporter: one for almost every person in this country for a prize that got too big to even fit on to billboards. lottery officials reporting it comes out to $983.5 million. all right. you're looking at the winning lottery numbers right now. but i told you we were hot on the trail. breaking news, we have now found out where that winning ticket in florida was sold.
6:28 am
somebody in melbourne beach. it was bought at a publix store on a1a there in melbourne, just a couple hours north of us. maybe the buyer could be down here. we don't know who bought the winning ticket, only that it was bought in melbourne at a publix. ben kennedy will be on his way and have live reports for you coming up in melbourne. >> did he say ben is on his way. >> and now the frantic search begins for all of us trying to l look for relatives who live in melbourne. >>reporter: we do not know the person's name yet, the name, the city you live in and how much you won is public knowledge to anyone who can see request the info. >> watch out. infamy begins. >> let's get more breaking news that took place overnight. another deadly terror attack after seven are killed. authorities are telling us they are very similar in nature to those in paris. we know five attackers are dead.
6:29 am
very close to a starbucks near a police post. the company says one company was injured and treated on the scene. starbucks saying all of their stores will remain closed out of a precaution. it's not clear if any remain on the run this morning. we'll be staying on top of the story all morning long and bring you upstates. an arrest made in the deadly d.u.i. crash involving an uber. a passenger in that ride killed last month. his family filing charges against the ride sharing service. sanela sabovic joins us live this morning from northwest miami-dade and broward jail. the driver in custody is not the uber driver, right? >>reporter: correct, eric. the driver in custody, his name is alexander chica. he was arrested late last night. police say he was drunk when he slammed into that uber driver killing a passenger. that passenger's family that filed a lawsuit against uber and the
6:30 am
driver was negligent. a turn of events for a south florida family and an uber driver. police releasing new information on aville crash that killed 20-year-old pablo sanchez, jr., just two days after christmas. investigators concluded sanchewas killed after a drunk driver slammed into a car he was in. that driver has now been identified as 21-yeaeaold alexander chica. just days ago the sanchez fami along with their attorney pointed the finger at uber and its driver saying he was negligent and drove into oncoming traffic. >> should not have happened. >> this driver was observed to either be nod off, dropping his head. i don't know whether he was falling asleep or look down to engage in some sort of texting. >>reporter: the violent crash happened at southwest 144th street and 157th avenue. adam was driving sanchez along with his three friends home after a
6:31 am
police say adams' gmc yukon was attempting to make a left turn when a toyota corolla driven by chica slammed into them at a high rate of speed. the i iact caused adams' car to roll over and both vehicles caught fire. sanchez died on the screen while his three friends were taken to kendall regional medical center. this new information can now shed some light on what really happened that fateful night last december. >> cost my kid his life. >>reporter: chica is facing several charges including d.u.i. manslaughter. he's expected to face a bond court judge. as far as the family is concerned, no word yet for them on these latest charges. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. new this morning back street boy bow hind
6:32 am
bars in key west. details this morning are ill limited but police were called in and carter was taken into custody. he's being charged with battery. a couple caught on camera threatening to light a denny's cashier on fire. the terrifying moment showing the couple walking into a denny's. the cashier says these two smelled like gasoline and showed her a bottle filled with gas and a lighter. they demanded cash, threated t light her on fire if she didn't cooperate. this is the very same couple spotted stealing items from a 7-11 store in dania beach. if you have any idea who these two are, please really hoping you'll give them a call. a scare started when a man entered the post office with two large envelopes in land. investigators say they were addressed to the fbi a after some issues trying to mail them, the man dropped
6:33 am
>> his behavior was suspicious to the postal employees. living in the ear -- era of see something, say something, the employees decided to give police a call. >> they were deemed safe. now officials want to know who that man is. this morning trump taking on microphones. coming up we'll show you hihi very latest rant on a florida stage. it dark and early out there. we are noticing two things, one is much warmer conditions. those showers and storms will eventually push into miami-dade and broward. when will th get here? i'll have the answer coming up after the break. first rally and tally. hundreds of south florida teachers heading to the capitol capital toight for their local schools. we have carlos suarez in a live report next. we just learned that the winning power ball ticket sold at a
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welcome back to local 10. we have breaking news to report for you. melbourne beach publix, what is that? that is the place the winning lottery ticket was sold. it's right on a1a. we put up a map for you to see this. we do know this is not the only lotto winner. there's always been a win reported in tennessee and california. that will mean it's a three way dividing of that prize. we do have ben kennedy heading to melbourne beach hopefully finding our winner. >> he's going to track him down. heading to the capital this morning to make sure our lawmakers are look out for our schools. they boarded the bus last night and they are
6:37 am
carlos suarez is there. he's there along for the ride along with the chanting. >> we're on the bus, enough is enough. >>reporter: eric and jacey, good morning. i'm on a bus just outside of gainesville. a group of teachers across south florida. they are all cheering to head to tallahassee. an organizational rally basically trying to set the stage -- under way at this hour. from 730 teachers across miami-dade county are set to take part in a rally on the steps of the capital. the trip is an effort to highlight a number of issues including testing, overall funding and merit pay. lawmakers are looking at an $80 billion education budget and they are looking at a handful of
6:38 am
>> they are activists. they are people who want to do something for public education and they know our current legislature has not gotten enough. >> the merit pay is a problem if we don't get support in the school system because a lot baggages. they are low english proficient and they are coming in and they are not getting exactly what they need because a lot of the schools don't have a lot of the resources. >> all right. so here's a look at some of the bills that lawmakers are going to debate. one calls for expanding bonus pay for teachers, money that would be tied to a teacher's satellite score. critics as a whole say it doesn't make sense and the money could be spent elsewhere. lawmakers wiol take a look at new classes and whether to use a special sales tax to pay for a portion of the budget
6:39 am
taxes. something some schools have limited because of testing. this is one of several buses that left south florida around midnight. now some 3,500 teachers are set to take part in this rally. that's expected to play out around noon and of course we're going to be there. we're live on board a bus outside of gainesville. >> carlos, thank you. now to vote 26 just hours away from a republican debate in charleston, south carolina tonight and g.o.p. leading candidate donald trump making headlines already. mr. drum tonight went on a rant. it was all about his microphone. >> 505 billion. by the way, i don't like to m)c. by the way, whoever brought this mic system broke the son of a [bleep]. stupid mic keeps popping. >> went on to say the person did a bad job and does not deserve to be
6:40 am
paing the microphone together. mr. trump went on to say he will win here in south florida. >> hole on. can you hear me? >> got you. >> my mic's perfect, south florida. you can all hear me this morning. no issues with the forecast with the exception of it bei warmer. i know a lot of you like the 50s. but don't worry those temperatures will be back in the forecast by next week. we have a little bit of a roller-coaster for our temperaturesnd also win an increase in the showers. our friends in the keys have been soaked for hours. all soaked with attempt right now in the mid 90s in key west. north northwest wind anywhere between six and nine miles per hour. lower 60s right now in pembroke pines as well as hialeah. we have 60 degrees in kendall. that's our coolest spot. we are expecting a shift in the wind direction all due to an area of disturbed weather moving in from the gulf of mexico and that's going to bring more of an east we'll say good-bye to
6:41 am
conditions and hello to humidity. currently showers and storms over the middle, upper and lower keys. they have been dealing with showers for about four hours ago. flooding could be a concern from key largo. the worst of the weather still well offshore. well to the west of us all associated with an area of low pressure and a warm front lifting into south florida incrcrsing the rain chances earlier today. across the nation we've got some lake-efft snow across the northeast and more snow over portions of the rockies right over montana all due to a system that moved onshore to the west coast. for us here in south florida, pay attention. it will be dreary and rainy at times. not wide-spread showers and storms all day long. the rain won't move into miami-dade and broward until abouthis afternoon. so the kids won't need the rain gear this morning unless you're in the keys but you'll need it by this afternoon. we may be woken by some
6:42 am
tonight and tomorrow morning we will have a wet morning commute. before this front associated with this low clears south florida by friday afternoon and then we'll dry out, perfect timing for friday evening for your outdoor plans, possibly date night and drier conditions by saturday bebere more rain returns by coming into sunday's foreclose. the first tropical storm of the season sub tropical storm a cold core sent her circulation, winds at 70 miles per hour with this system. could become a hurricane later today. no threat for the u.s. you can see it heads towards the azores. the last time we have seen the tropical storm was in 197. very unusual but it did occur. we'll continue to track it ooive though it won't be effecting us. rain today by the afternoon and in evening. by tomorrow we'll see clearing skies. cool, comfortable
6:43 am
weather by martin luther king and early next week. in opa-locka old state nine. this is near 135th street. this looks like part of that intersection is open but police are out there investigating this one. let me show you what kind of slowdowns we're experiencing in this location. that's state road 9 right over there. it looks like our southbound lanes are seeing delays in that location with speeds about 27 miles an hour. i'll keep my eyes on this one to see what's happening out there. let's talk about the slowdowns. we are seeeeg delays on the i. let's take a look at our maps right tre at the airport expressway. that's specifically where we're seeing the slowdowns. looks like it's all the way past 135th street where those delays are reported. those speeds at 25 miles an hour. at this point we're accident-free in broward county.
6:44 am
make sure you follow us at wplg local 10. today we will find out this year's oscar nominations. >> we just learned melbourne beach publix was where the winning ticket was sold. here's a map of whose making big money this morning. >> i'm jealous. the ultimate power ball pl putting your office power ball collection to shame. we'll tell you the group that raised $140,000
6:45 am
billion dollar jackpot. ed it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> we are hearing an american soldier apologizing for entering iranian waters.
6:46 am
sailor was speaking voluntarily though. we're seeing two videos of the american boats surrounded you can see the soldiers kneeling with their hands on their heads. many also questioning how they ended up in iranian waters and why they were disarmed. the laura ling and euna lee brothers barnum & bailey circus is coming to miami tonight. the circumstance sus planning on be tiring. the elephants will now retire to a 200 acre conservation center in florida. pooling m mey together to buy more tickets. >> two friends in tampa took that idea to a whole new level to increase the odds at winning the power ball. the friends started as a pool with a $200 buy-in. they had 146,000 to spend on 73,000 tickets.
6:47 am
>> that's more power to them, no problem. we gave it a shot. i know we still have a long shot. >> it took hours and hours to print up all the tickets. each time a regular customer walked in, they got the process and got that customer's ticket purchased and kept on going. >> we know the winning ticket was sold in melbourne. >> different coasts, i don't think so. >> the power ball prize, our big breaking story this morning. >> ben kennedy on his way here to the publix in melbourne beach. we'll have more on some other winners too.
6:48 am
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showers and storms. currently a blanket of cloud cover from miami-dade up towards broward and down towards the keys. we are expecting the chance of showers to fall from those clouds later today. it will be this afternoon you're going to see those showers and storms. rain will continue tonight and tomorrow morning. it's definitely going to be a wet friday morning as well. constance? let's get back to opa-locka. there's a crash off old state road. a person we're hearing might have been hit. broward county we are accident-free but if you're traveling eastbound at 595 where it meets at u.s.-441 we do have an accident scene there and a broken down car blocking some of our lanes of traffic. we're seeing delays trying to exit on to 595 with those speeds at 31 miles per hour. breaking news this morning, tickets sold in california, florida and tennessee match the jackpot drawing.
6:51 am
split the prize. >> we learned minutes ago the ticket was sold at a melbourne beach publix. ben kennedy is alrdy on his way right now. the florida lottery say 11 tickets sold in our state won a million bucks. >> take a look at the numbers, 8-27-34-4-19-10. we'll keep you updated with the very latest on this big story this morning. also breaking overnight, at least seven people are dead after a terror attack in jakarta, indonesia. police say there were multiple bombings and a gun attack in a busy shopping area downtown. alexander chihi bocked into jail overnight. he's charged with driving drunk and crashing into that uber back in december. one person was killed. thre others hospitalized. keep it here on local 10. we'll have lots of breaking news for you all morning long as we continue our lottery-like journey.
6:52 am
>> you cnot stay norm. we'll stay on top of the story for you,
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